Vacation Cottages

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There's the little cottage by the sea, the stately 'shingle style' cottage, the camp in the woods, the ski cabin. Whether big or small, your cottage is that special place to get away from the usual, a place for family to get together and spend time with each other without the pressures of daily life, a place to unwind, relax, and renew your spirit.

When designing for vacation living

take time to think about how you want to spend your time away:

  • Do you have lots of guests, overnight or day? Families, or other couples?
  • Do you like to have formal dinners, or casual buffets?
  • What time of year will your cottage get the most use?
  • Is it just a seasonal cottage? For summer days, or just for skiing?
  • Is this a cottage for two, or do you have children with lots of friends?

What's next?

You need a plan to have your cottage be everything you want. Take the time to create an action plan, and hire a team of professionals to help you create your dreams.

  • If your cottage is for the hot summer days on the beach. Easy care floors that sand won't harm, casual rattan chairs, and sleeping daybeds on the screened porch
  • Love formal dinners looking at the ocean? How about an antique gate leg table set with antique bone china, and crisp white curtains at the windows?
  • Does the master bedroom face the sea? Use soft foggy blues to cool and soothe you, bringing the feel of the cooling breezes right into the bedroom.
  • A cottage in the woods? Take inspiration from the many different greens of the surrounding woods, and then layer the many tones in fabrics, paints, and rugs.
  • Maybe build a special mini cottage just for guests?

Solving the problems is always easier
with the helping hand of an expert.
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